My sixth month as
a digital marketing apprentice

I have now been at Credere Media, a North East Creative Design and Marketing agency for just over sixth months, almost halfway through my Digital Marketing Apprenticeship!


In the past month, I have been back to college for a day to complete the Google Analytics Advanced course, following on from last month where I completed the beginners part. After this day spent at college I took the final Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam and passed to become certified in Google Analytics! It has been great to use the analytics tool with more of an understanding and use the features as an advantage to the business.

Whilst I was in college I also sat an exam on the Principles of Marketing, which I passed! It was brilliant to see the practical work I have been doing at Credere and the days studying in college come together and help me pass the exam. It all means I am one step closer to where I want to be!  


This month I have also seen some positive results from the previous SEO work I have been doing for ourselves and clients. Some great results have been showing up on the search engine results pages for the keywords we have been targeting. After waiting a while for results to start to show, to seeing the dip once they had peaked, to then see them rising again, it is has been a real learning curve to see how much time needs to go into working on websites SEO to see all the benefits.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing has again been a big part of the past month for me. I have continued working on Credere Media’s social channels, posting regularly and using them to network with other businesses about our products and services. At the end of each month, I have been recording which posts went out, the engagement rate, the impressions and link clicks. After recording these findings it means I know what is and isn’t working and if people are heading to the website.  

This month I have started working on a new client’s Twitter account, promoting their upcoming event in September. This task gave me a chance to research the audience and the best methods to reach them, as well as which hashtags would allow me to target them. I look forward to the end of the campaign and being able to see how this worked for the event!

Content Marketing

At Credere we are in the process of increasing the traffic coming to our website and one way we are doing this is through blog posts. As well as this blog, we have been uploading posts all about social media and SEO. I have loved having the chance to write these posts and reflect on what I have learnt as well as sharpen my knowledge up with further research. At the end of June, I am looking forward to having a blog I have written about SEO featured on a popular business blog as a guest post!

So far June has been a busy month with lots of work, birthday celebrations and Love Island gossip, but I look forward to seeing what next month has to offer! 

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