Twitter’s New Look 2018

Much like everything else in 2018, Twitter is having a change and reworking its layout.

During September certain accounts have had the ability to ‘Sneak a peek at the new Twitter’ and fortunately one of those happened to an account we manage. We were able to have a look through the new Twitter and notice the features that have been added, as well as the ones that have been taken away.

Keep reading to find out about the Twitter changes!

The changes to your Twitter feed are noticeable as soon as you make the switch. The social channel has gone for a much cleaner layout, and it works!

The normal left-hand side features such as the current trends have been taken over to the right-hand side. As well as the account overview in the top left that has now been removed.

The navigation bar has also been cleaned up. With the content along the bar being placed closer together and the majority of the text being removed, with icons left to represent each.

Twitter timeline changes for 2018

This is not the only clean up on the channel. When looking at your own Twitter page you will notice a great difference in the design. The new design already makes the older alternative look dated. See for yourself in the images below. 

We also found that the Moments, Notifications and Message pages have had a rework. The moment’s page has been made to fit the Twitter design more than ever, with the previous news site feel being taken away.

The notifications page only faced a small change to make it fit with the new design.

Finally, the inbox page that once appeared as a pop-up now shows as its own full page.

As expected alongside the changes to the main pages, there have also been some smaller changes to help fit the new design. Take a look below to see the comparisons. 


Twitter Poll changes for September 2018

Finally, the last change we were able to notice on the site was the change in analytics.

Currently, Twitter allows you to select the analytics option on each of your tweets to see impressions and engagements, alongside the Retweet and Like buttons. This has move been moved and hides away on the right-hand side of the Tweets. If you are like us this will be a helpful tip, as it took us a while to locate where the feature has moved to! 

Overall we are impressed with the new layout of Twitter and do look forward to it being released across the channel. The new design gives a clean, modern, easy to use feel which we believe will go down great.

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