Why social media
marketing is essential for
success in 2018

It is estimated that in 2019, there will be around 2.77 billion social network users around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017. Social network usage is constantly increasing over the years. In 2017, 71% of internet users were also social network users, these figures are expected to grow.

Is your business making the most of these figures and leveraging social media for its success?

If you are letting social media marketing take a back seat in your marketing plan, then why? As your North East marketing agency, we have decided to search the internet for the best 15 reasons to use social marketing in your marketing plan. So read on if you still need convincing of the benefits of social media marketing.

Free marketing

Social Media channels are free of cost and accessible to anyone. What is not to want about that?

Businesses have the ability to set up business accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others all without a cost. Once the setup has taken place all that’s left to do is to post! This is a great way to increase your marketing, without worrying about a budget!

If you do want to step it up and reach wider audience adverts and sponsored posts can be created for each channel, at a cost of your choice.

Easy to set up  

Setting up a social media profile can take less than five minutes, so there is no excuse to not have one! The social media channels themselves take you through the process making it simple for everybody. If you have any problems there are plenty of blogs around to talk you through it, one of our favourites is Hootsuite’s blog post all about it. 

twitter profile how to

Helps SEO

If you are working on search engine optimisation for your web page, having social profiles is one way to help.

Keeping regularly updated social media account up and running that are linked to your webpage can help you get up the rankings on the results page and into that number one spot.

Check out reason 9 if you are working on your SEO.

Makes a company accessible

Do your customers reach out to you over the contact number they found on your website? In 2018 it is hard to find people that enjoy talking on the phone. Having social profiles set up allows your customers to contact you online, whether it be a direct message, a tweet or a post on your wall it can be easier than picking up the phone. This all helps in making you much more accessible from a customers point of view.

Gives a brand a personality

If you are an online only web-based brand it can be hard to give your business a personality with little interaction with your potential audience. By using channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you have the opportunity to create a personality for the brand and bring it to life.

Portray your brand how you want the customers to see you. Match what you sell, are you fun or sophisticated? Show that in the content you post online.

Keep track of your competitors

You may not be on social media but your competitors most certainly will be.

You can use the channels to see how your competitors market themselves. They are in front of your audience online, get your social profiles set up and join them in getting your audience’s attention and custom.

Build customer relationships

By being on social media you have the ability to build relationships with your audience, which can be difficult to do otherwise. Social media allows you to see who is mentioning your brand, even without the directly tagging you, and interact and create conversation. Through your own tweets, posts and pictures you can create a conversation with your following. Frequent interaction will help you build relationships and loyalty with your customers.

Customer retention

Following on from the last point. Building relationships with your audience can lead to a sense of loyalty towards the business. This can often stop your customers from straying away and using other businesses to help them with their needs.


As all businesses will know by now GDPR is coming into action on the 25th May 2018 and this can mean a major hit against any email marketing, especially to those who use it as their main marketing channel. Social Media can allow you to reach the people who are no longer on your mailing list and many more. Leverage social media and show your content to a new audience, attract new customers and create your backup plan to the GDPR saga.

GDPR rules and regs from wikipidea

Your website doesn’t have to rank No.1 in the search engines

Everyone wants the No.1 spot on Google, who wouldn’t want that type of organic traffic flocking to their website? Having the number one spot isn’t essential when you have social media accounts up and running, as you can also rank for these! Dedicated use of a social media channel such as Facebook or Twitter can get you ranking on the first page of Google alongside your webpage. Having a website and social channels on the first page of Google can help to increase people heading your way through these different sources!

Fast Feedback

Feedback and reviews are something that may not always play in your favour but can be great from a potential customer’s point of view. With social channels, the audience can leave a review on your page, tweet it or even Instagram it and you have the ability to respond straight away and thank them for their kind words or rectify the situation and show the business respects the customer and would like to solve the problem.

Create brand awareness
You have worked hard to create a business you are proud of so why don’t you want to show it off.

Social Media allows you to show off what you can do and how your services can benefit your target audience. Sales pitch after sales pitch won’t go down too well with your audience but every now and again a sales post can go a long way.

Credere Media twitter profile screentshot

Can have the same reach as large businesses

You may be a small business but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the same reach as someone three times your size. Facebook adverts and boosted posts are one of the best ways to reach a wider audience. You can pay however much you like to get your ad to reach your target audience, all through a few simple questions. Giving your business the ability to get in minds of your potential audience even if they’ve only just heard of you.

With the use of hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, you have the ability to reach a much wider audience that wouldn’t have before seen your content!

Sell directly from Facebook

Another great advantage for e-commerce businesses is that you can trade directly from your business Facebook page. With an easy set up you will be up and running in no time. Selling directly from Facebook means people can make a purchase without having to take another step. An easier process for them making the buying process more attractive.

David Dixon Garden Machinery Facebook sop screenshot

Nothing to lose

You have nothing to lose! Setting up a social media account that is run correctly can only do good for your business. Get to setting up your social channels and seeing what you can achieve with a new social media marketing strategy!

Are you sat wondering why you haven’t set up social profiles for your business sooner? Or realising you haven’t taken enough advantage of these social channels before?

At Credere Media we offer the North East Social Media Management services, including social media management. If you love the idea but don’t have time to commit, let us know and we will be happy to have a chat!

If you have a handle on your Social Media Marketing but are looking into SEO, take a look at our top 5 resources here!

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