My seventh month as
a digital marketing apprentice

I have now completed my seventh month of working as a digital marketing apprentice for Credere Media. Much like many in the past, it has been another busy month filled with all things SEO, Social Media and a bit of little bit of web design!

As my apprenticeship starts getting closer to the 13th and final month I have started working on my final portfolio which will include a range of work I have completed during my time as an apprentice. Writing up these pieces for my portfolio has given me the chance to look at how much I have actually learned. From not knowing what SEO stood for 8 months ago to now having written 3 blog posts about it and having implemented it on a range of different sites, where it has actually worked, is great! I can only thank Stu for the fab opportunities that working for Credere Media has given me so far!

Web Design

This month I have had the chance to work on designing a website for a client. When this was suggested to me, the idea had me wanting to run out of the office. Having to create something visual was my worst nightmare as I have a serious lack of creativity! With some (a lot) of help, I was able to get the hang of how WordPress worked and start putting something together. This is still in progress but hopefully, by next month there will be a finished product that I can say I was proud to work on! Learning something new and outside of my comfort zone has been great and something that in time I hopefully develop further skills in.

Social Media

Social Media has taken up a lot of my month, which I have loved. Like the past 6 months I have been posting across Credere’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and I am still loving it! I am still learning and experimenting across the channels to see what works and trying to increase the number of users clicking back to the website.

Last month I started working on a client’s Twitter account to help promote their upcoming festival. After a month of posting, I have been able to find out what hours are best for posting, which hashtags worked best for the events and what days are best to post on. I have been able to see an impressive reach for the tweets and a new audience take note of the event.

Content Marketing

During this month I also got my first guest blog published! At Credere Media we are trying to increase traffic heading to our own website. We know that to help our rankings increase organically through SEO we needed backlinks pointing to our site, so that is what we set out to do. I wrote a post all about the “not-so-obvious ways to boost your SEO in 2018” and reached out to Small Business Bonfire to see if they would be interested in featuring it on their website, and they were! It feels good to have a blog that I have written about SEO featured on another site, after only just half a year of studying it!!


Finally, I have again been heavily focused on SEO. Over the previous months, I have seen a positive result from the search engine optimisation work I had been doing. This month is much of the same, there has again been an increase in positions and keywords in the top 10 for all the campaigns. This month I have been trying to increase/maintain the positioning and try to increase the keywords that each business ranks for.

I have started studying for the final module at college that covers website creation, web development and online security. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in over the next month and learning something new!

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