My ninth month as
a digital marketing apprentice

I am now up to month nine of my digital marketing apprenticeship!

It has been another busy month in the Credere Media office and I have been working on a variety of tasks including SEO, Social Media and the dreaded coding!

Last month I took a big step out of my comfort zone and started learning how to code. It has been an interesting month trying to get my head around the many elements of code but I feel like I have taken the first steps in developing my knowledge!

I used the Codecademy HTML course to start my learning. This is a great free course to take if you are interested in learning about the basics of code! Codecademy talks you through the process of coding with simple steps and tasks and finishes with a small project to help put all your new skills into use. As I enjoyed the HTML course and found it useful, I decided to take the CSS course as well to expand my skills a little bit more.

As well as taking the online courses, I have also sat down with my college tutor, Rachel,  to learn the theory behind HTML coding and other methods including, Java and Javascript. It has been a lot to take in but I know once I get my head around it all, it’ll be worth it!

As well as getting the chance to delve into the world of code I have also been working on my normal daily tasks, social media and SEO. As my apprenticeship goes on I am gaining more and more confidence in these areas and have started thrive off seeing results from them.

I have been experimenting with the Credere Media’s social channels more than normal over the past couple of weeks. I have done this to work out what time works best for our engagement. From this, I was able to find our social media works best when posts go online in the daytime, rather than evening. So now I can alter our social plan for the posts to be delivered during the daytime to get the best impressions and engagements possible!

We have also started incorporating our top tips for all things marketing on our social channels so head over there to see some of them!

This month I also stepped into Facebook Ads for our clients. It was a great chance to really think about targeted marketing and put it into action. After taking time to consider the target audience, we hope we can now successfully increase brand awareness for our client!

As a marketing agency, we love to keep up with current trends! This month I have written a post for our blog all about the way Twitter is changing. In the post, I looked at the way Twitter’s design and features are set to change in the near future. You can take a look for yourself at the coming changes here!

All in all, it has been another busy month for me with Credere Media, even though it isn’t all included above. This is the month where for me it has started to feel more like a job rather than an apprenticeship. I have gained the skills to be able to complete tasks on my own and I am thoroughly enjoying that!

Although I am comfortable in my role with Credere Media, I am still enjoying my learning through college and reading daily blogs on changes in the industry. I hope to continue learning through this experience as I work towards a career in digital marketing!

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