My eighth month as
a digital marketing apprentice

I can’t believe I have completed eight months of my digital marketing apprenticeship already! It seems like only yesterday I was being interviewed for the role.

This month has been quieter than the rest as I spent a week out of the office for a family trip to Centre Parcs. But after a week away in a forest with minimal phone signal and wifi I was ready to get straight back into it!

Once back in the office, I carried on with my everyday tasks and got the chance to start working on the social media of a new client and the SEO of another. In the past week, I have also stepped into unknown territory and started learning how to code….

Social Media has now become one of my everyday jobs at Credere Media. I post daily for ourselves across Facebook and Twitter as well as running another client’s Twitter. Credere have just welcomed a new social media client and this month I have been planning the content that will be posted out on their feed. Working on such a variety of social accounts for clients in different industries has been great for figuring on how to portray the different tones of voice, as well as using the channels differently to help achieve their individual aims.

Of course, SEO has been a big part of my month. I have kept on top of all Credere’s SEO clients and tracked visibility and positioning, whilst making changes to the websites to improve both of these. All of these websites are performing well and improving in the search engines! In the past month, we have started working with a new client on their search engine optimisation. Excitingly, this client is in a different industry to a lot of our regular clients. This has meant the research and implementation of the SEO have been different to previous clients. It’s brilliant to get the chance to work with different clients in industries and see how implementing SEO works for them all in different ways.

I have again stepped out of my comfort zone this month and started learning how to code! Coding is something I have very little experience with, so far, the only time I have been introduced to code is when I am looking at Stu very confused as he tries to explain it. I have been using a mixture of Stu’s knowledge and skills, college classes and Codeacademy to start my learning. I’m intrigued to see how I get on with this in the next month, as I am currently writing this blog to avoid doing the online coding course!! Despite my nerves about this, it will be great to have even the basic knowledge on it and I will be doing everything I can to try and get my head around it.

As I get closer to the end of my apprenticeship I have started completing my final college portfolio. To complete my Digital Marketing course I have to present a portfolio of five case studies that explain in detail the different projects I have completed over the course of the 13 months. This has been great to look back at the work I have completed over the past 8 months and how much I have actually learnt!!

This month is only a short one but it has still been a busy one in the office! I am looking forward to completing another month of working for Credere Media and continuing my learning.

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