My fourth month as
a digital marketing apprentice

This month has been much busier than the last with lots going on at Credere Media. I am well into my fourth month of my digital marketing apprenticeship, gaining a much wider understanding of the industry I want to work in!  


Over the past month I have been able to work on a wide variety of tasks from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to social media. A few clients have reached out to Credere Media and asked if we could complete a site audit on their web page and recommend ways to help increase visibility and traffic to the site from the search engine results page. I was able to do the site audit and make the suggestions to the client. This has been a fantastic opportunity to put what I have been learning into practice and present my findings.

I have continued working on the SEO for a previous client to help them rank for new keywords. Now to wait for next month and see the results!

Seeing a project start, become successful, decline and pick back up again has been a perfect opportunity for me to see and understand the amount of work required when it comes to SEO and keeping a website in the highest position for their keywords and phrases.

Credere have started working on a new e-commerce site for a client that is coming together from scratch. I have been adding the products onto the site and optimising each one for the search engines. Now to wait and see where the website ranks once it is completed!

Social Media

Towards the end of last month I started to take over Credere’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

I created my own social media plan to follow which included what content to post on each channel, where it will link back to and what day and time the posts will go out. Over the past month now I have followed the social media plan and measured how well each post has performed. I am now able to adjust what I post on each channel by knowing what type of posts do well and what times work best etc.

Social is fast becoming an area I enjoy working in alongside SEO. The quick response to a tweet or a post gives a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that something is working or even if the post isn’t working at all!


As I mentioned in my blog last month Stu set me a goal to become Google Certified by June 2018. I had managed to pass my Google AdWords Fundamentals test and had to start the search certification. Since then I have managed to to pass the search certification and have become Google Certified! I hope to put these new skills into practice in the coming weeks when dealing with an Adwords campaign for a new client who is looking to increase conversions on their e-commerce site.

To help increase my knowledge outside of college and my work tasks it was recommended I take the Hubspot content marketing and inbound sales certification. As I have turned into a digital marketing nerd I decided this was a brilliant idea and a great chance to learn more. I took both these courses this past month and learnt a great deal from both. I am now trying to implement this new knowledge into the work I am completing.


This month I have also completed another module at College with 3aaa. This time around it was all to do with copywriting and etiquette, an interesting topic to learn about.

In school English wasn’t my best subject, I could speak it just fine, however, writing it down with correct spelling and grammar was a struggle but I stuck at it anyhow! After passing my English exams, going to sixth form and completing a year at university my writing improved but never to the standard I would like. This course has give me a great insight into how to write copy, how to make it appealing to the audience and all the different elements that are including in creating a great piece.

Now I look forward to putting it into practice but still, I remain thankful for spell check!

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